Quantity Takeoffs

Quantity Takeoff Services

We provide reliable and a detailed measurement of materials and labor for any Quantity Takeoffs services that are required to complete any construction project. Our quantity estimators possess the required experience to review drawings and specifications.

We are able to solve any issues that developers face before the commencement of the actual construction and provide great solutions for design ideas, pricing, cost reduction and possible added costs which may arise during building development.

Quantity Takeoffs

We will provide various Quantity Takeoffs services such as:

  • Preparing cost estimates and plans
  • Managing construction costs and administering construction contracts for all types and levels of construction.
  • Auditing projects
  • Check changes in design to assess the cost effects.
  • Better understanding, analysis, and estimation
  • Detailed analysis of the design
  • Better cost estimation using functions
  • Visual aid to analysis
  • Material analysis
  • Object quantification
  • Pre-construction work order sheet
  • Creation of a virtual intelligent 3D model
  • Architectural and MEP integration
  • Extraction of accurate project information
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • High-quality construction documents

Quantity Takeoffs

We use latest technologies and best industry practices to provide architects, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, building owners and every of our clients the most accurate estimation and calculation. The technologies and methods that we use in quantity takeoff services help the clients minimize the expense by great extent and percentage and then also help reduce the time taken for the project completion.

The advantages of seeking our quantity takeoff services are:

  • We provide cost effective solutions
  • Highly skilled and long experienced team of engineers
  • Precision work that provides high success rate
  • Quick turnaround time that ensures timely delivery
  • 24/7 availability

There are many large and small construction companies who depend on our quantity takeoff services to enhance their business and make the planning of material requirements become easier.Providers of Quantity Takeoffs for Developers

We also provide great Quantity Takeoff assistance to developers by helping determine price and timelines.

Using our service developers can get an idea about new products, prices,  and get updated and accurate information on price changing while designing their project.

We provide the following Quantity Takeoffs services for Developers

  • Evaluation and negotiation
  • Tender pricing
  • Feasibility plans and studies
  • Procurement of Sub-Contractors
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost reconciliation reporting
  • Creation of bills of Quantities from plans and specifications
  • Preparation, submission, and monitoring of valuations
  • Variation management and costing
  • Final Account preparation and settlement
  • Quantity Takeoff For Developers