Quantity Takeoff

Quantity Takeoffs

With over 34 years of construction takeoff services experience

Quantity Takeoff Services

We remember when quantity takeoffs started just like the picture above. Rolled up plans, calculator, and a good pencil. Thankfully with the advances of technology we don’t have to buy pencils in bulk. We do still buy them, but its more out of habit. Todays quantity takeoff is streamlined into digital format. The days of staffing civil engineers full time for your takeoff needs are over. With our experience and knowledge of quantity takeoffs you can be sure that you will win more bids and widen your margins.

Why you should outsource your quantity takeoff needs

  • Pick and choose the jobs you bid. You don’t have to bid all the jobs to keep your staff busy.
  • Rely on expertise with over 3 decades of experience
  • Less headache┬ámore jobs. Want to bid? Send us the plans and submit your bid. Easy.
  • Less money, more contracts
  • Because AMERICA! US based contractors for US based contracts. This is onshore work keeping American dollars in America.


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