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Construction Estimating Services

Choosing Construction Takeoff Services for your outsourced estimating services is the best way to win more bids. By outsourcing your estimating you can spend less on in house hires and more on bids that you want. Forget about taking on all bids for the sake of keeping your staff busy. Outsourcing with us means more profit and less headache.

Our construction cost estimating experts have been in the business for over 34 years and while we can’t say that “we have seen it all”, we have seen most. From our experience working with hundreds of contractors it is simply more effective to outsource estimating. Keeping staff on salary to bid on everything is cost prohibitive. Rather than estimating on every bid available you can outsource with us to pick and choose the bids you want to win.

Construction Takeoff Services

Win more bids, spend less on construction estimating costs.

Our goal is to increase your profit margins and win more bids.

Its plain.

Its simple.

Because we understand construction estimating can be an in house hassle. Why not outsource with us?

With over 3 decades of experience you can be assured that we have the experience you need to profit more as well as win more bids. In addition to our estimating services we offer a wide range of construction take off services.

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