Construction Takeoff Services Pricing

Our pricing structure is universal for convenience

Construction Takeoff Services

At Construction Takeoff Services all of our jobs get individual quotes based on time and effort spent on a specific job. While we like to maintain a baseline set of pricing, we also understand that some jobs fall below our minimums.

That’s ok.

With our length of experience in takeoffs, many jobs fall into the minimum category. We have been providing takeoff services for over 34 years. So you can imagine that we have probably seen it all. We can even do it old school, with pencil and paper. Please don’t ask for that though. We like not having to sharpen pencils all day.

Think about it this way.

If a mid level professional takes 4-6 times the time and effort as it takes us, wouldn’t you rather pay the the same hourly costs and receive a more experienced takeoff service?

We set the baseline at $250. Thats for your pricing convenience. Instead of sending out your job and wondering what the costs may be. You can usually assume that it will fall within our minimum price. After 30+ years of construction takeoff services we get the jobs done much faster than most.

Bulk orders? Of course!

Contact us if you have recurring or multiple orders.

$50 hr $250 minimum – special orders may receive lower minimums based on project